I was organising my partners 40th party and after looking everywhere for reasonably priced good party food, and not finding any, I decided to cater for the party myself.

Most companies wanted at least £5 per head for what was a small amount/selection of food, and as I was expecting 100 people this was just too expensive.

I realised that catering for a party is very stressful, trying to make sandwiches while getting myself and the kids ready meant I got to the party quite flustered, but the savings left me no choice.

After catering for this party and getting many positive remarks on the food I was asked to cater for other friends and family parties, I realised it is possible to offer good home cooked food for a reasonable price and decided to set up my own catering business.



There are 3 different options depending on your requirements, these are detailed on the next pages.

Please feel free to ask for any alterations/additions you require.


 Full vegetarian options can also be catered for.